Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Diaper Review: Twinkie Tush


Type: Fitted
Cost: $30-33

Pros: They are the most absorbent diapers I have ever used, great for overnight, very well made, great for bigger babies, and of course always cute prints

Cons: Higher end of cost (but totally worth it... but it was the only con I could come up with)

Overall thoughts: I bought these because the message board I am involved in rave about them all the time. I desperately needed a nighttime solution for my daughter and these were the answer! I use Twinkie Tush fitted with a wool soaker and it works for 10-12 hours - straight! Everyone should get themselves one of these because it would be the best fluffy mail day ever. They do take some time to air dry, but with how humid it has been I think this may improve with weather. I am still going to use that as an excuse to buy at least one more.

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