Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ricky and My Bathroom!

So, Ricky always complains about his house and I decided that we would go one room at a time and make it a home. He has lived there for two years and it looks kind of like he hasn't. The before pictures are after things were screwed off the wall, but there wasn't much there. So yea. And that's my man painting, mmhm. We started with white, then red, then black.

Sorry about the quality. I forgot my camera and my phone was all I had. Below are the after photos, I still have some stenciling to do in the white part will be some fluer de lys sybols in black. But, I was so excited to show it off!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Start of a Problem

Me: I wanna buy Bioshock 2 today.

Ricky: Why? You haven’t even played the first one.

Me: But, I liked watching you play the first one.

Ricky: You should finish the games you have bought in the passed three months.

Me: No. I’m stuck on Batman, can’t kill them.

Ricky: Okay, Infamous?

Me: Well, I played that the other night.

Ricky: And, Sacred 2.

Me: The update won’t load on my PS3. You know that.

Ricky: Uncharted 2?

Me: Still know where stuff is from watching you play. BOR-ING…

Ricky: How about Borderlands?

Me: I played it all the way through…the only reason I need to play it again is cause all the trophies are on your name. Hey! I know, you give me MY Dragons Age and Assassins Creed 2 back and I won’t buy Bioshock 2.

Ricky: No. You don’t wanna play those.

Me: Yes I do. And I bought them.

Ricky: You want to play Bioshock 1 or Assassins Creed 1 or Dead Space or maybe Call of Duty campaigns.

Me: Fine. Target didn’t have it anyhow.

Okay…so I didn’t really play video games until I met Ricky. I had lots of fun watching my friends play and that was just fine for me. But, no. My new boyfriend likes video games. LOVES Video games. So I watched him play. Then I watched him and his friend, Jamie play World at War Nazi Zombies. I started getting addicted and soon I was better than Jamie, which I of course reveled in. Beating a boy at video games is always lots of fun. Then, of course, MW2 came out. I bought my own PS3 and it has turned into a problem. I buy games. Lots of games. All the time and never finish any. Its like ADHD at its best. Course, I buy it and play the first chapter then Ricky steals it.

My list of games to complete…that I have started playing:

Assassins Creed 2
Sacred 2
Dead Space
Call of Duty: MW2 (campaign and spec ops)
Uncharted 2
Dragon Age: Origins
Batman: Arkham Asylum

List of games I should probably play…

Assassins Creed
Call of Duty: World at War

SOS!!! I haven’t played any of the first of anything. Perfect…I got to call Ricky back and let him know my newest angle. I must buy Bioshock 2 and play it before I play others. Course…that doesn’t really explain all my half finished games. Er…Shhh.