Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pregnancy: the First Trimester

Still catching up with the story that is Ricky and I having a baby. And I am truly sorry that there are no pictures to go along with this post, but I decided not to do belly pictures. Okay, that is a lie. I really wanted to do belly pictures, but the one's with my phone just didn't seem to turn out right and my camera never managed to get charged until like a week ago. I was probably postponing it all on purpose.

I think that only because in June 2009 I was 140 pounds... and in June 2010 at the time of the BFP (Big Fat Positive) I had managed to make it all the way to 192 pounds. I don't want pictures of myself right now. It isn't the way I want to be. I should have never gained this weight and now I knew that it wasn't going to be coming off any time soon... I was depressed to say the least. I wasn't going to take bump photos because my first trimester bloat just made me look fatter.

Beyond that problem of how I feel that I look, I had other symptoms. I was tired. I wanted to sleep all day and all night. I only wanted to eat what was appetizing. And that was okay because I never threw up from morning sickness. I was just majorly picky. Through this I ended up losing about 10 pounds in the first trimester. Which, my mother and grandmother both managed to do. And it felt good to me because I had started out over weight.

I was also trying to decide what I was going to do about the birth. I have always been a sucker for pain, although I love the feeling of getting a tattoo, I am a baby. Basically, I figured that medication was going to be the route for me. Epidural all the way. But, Ricky has other ideas. He insists that I am strong enough to go natural. I also have the backing and strength from my family and his family that I can do it. Therefore, it was also in the 10th or 11th week of pregnancy where I declared that I am going to be a Natural Birth Momma.

Cravings: Sour Cream & Onion Chips, Salami Sandwiches, and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Ups/Downs: Our number one choice of name, Vincent, was taken by Ricky's cousin. We had to go back to square one... and choosing names has been hard, that was sad. I lost weight, that was exciting. Seeing our baby in the ultrasound was amazing and I can't wait until October 21st when I can see it again.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Nesting: The Living Room Before

They always say that when you get pregnant that you go into a nesting mode to make the house ready for the baby. But, in the house that my boyfriend and I live in I have been restless about the way it looks since I moved in in May. The living room has been a sore thumb since I met him over a year ago. In the picture below are the lovely roses that cover the paneling all over the room. Awful. Ugly. It just looks plain dingy. It has to change.

So, I started looking into the options on how to cover the paneling. If we would have taken it completely down the walls would need sheet rock. My options turned into that thick paintable wallpaper and just painting. But! When I was looking for texture I found the sand stuff that you pour into paint to make a texture. Soooo, we picked out a color and so far the walls have been primed. The gaps between panels was spackled, and now it is time to get the rest of the paint up and trim done. Hopefully, only a few more days and the after pictures will be up!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pregnancy: the BFP!!!

Let's play some catch up and I will start with the story of how I told my boyfriend, Ricky, that we were having a baby.

July 2nd, 2010 I had just gotten home from work (at the time I was working at Wal-Mart) and had picked up a pregnancy test from Wal-Mart. I was about 4 days late on my period and had been late a few times since we started trying in January. Mostly, I figured that it would be negative. Therefore, I was talking to one of my best friends, Nicole, on the phone when I decided to pee on the stick (she had no idea and was telling me a story - important story)... when I saw the second line and interrupted her. "I'm pregnant." She was caught by surprise and I apologized and told her I didn't know what to do. I really wanted to cry, happy tears of course.

So, this was before I marched Ricky into Verizon and got him a cell phone and he told me he was going to be at his parents helping them cut some hay. My mind was going a hundred miles an hour and I didn't even think about calling the MIL's cell phone or house phone to find out if he was there. Nope, I hopped in my car and drove the 15 minutes into the country to their farm. Ricky wasn't there. No, he was somewhere getting a car part to fix a car. Woops. I acted awkward, but didn't want to tell his parents why I was looking for him. They must have thought I was insane. Anyway, I left and decided to go back home and wait.

However, while I was driving back home Ricky called from our house number. He asked where I was and I said that I was driving back home from his parents and I cursed him for not letting me know where he was going to be and finally a was home and walking through the door. He was standing there waiting for me and staring at me. I said that I had something to tell him... he nodded and gave me a hug and said, "No kidding."

Well... in my franticness I left the positive pregnancy test on the bathroom sink and he saw it before I could get the chance to tell him. Either way we were and still are super excited! We told his mom the next day (which was her birthday) and I called my mom that day too.

Reinventing the SOS

So, I have been out of the blogging mood since I moved to Small Town Wisconsin with my boyfriend. I think it is about time that I start blogging and I have plenty to say. A LOT has happened to me in the past few months and I could start anywhere, but I will just outline a few things that you will find on my particular blog going forward. So, if that interests you - GREAT! If it doesn't - I am sure that with my random mind that I will come up with something to tickle your pickle.

How I describe myself and what you will see posted here is the following:

Baby Stuff (I am currently almost 19 weeks pregnant)
Video Game Stuff (My boyfriend and I love gaming)
Movie/Television Stuff (Since I am a SAHM now, I have a lot of time on my hands)
Animal Stuff (I have 2 cats and a dog that are truly entertaining)
Housewife Stuff (Cause cooking, redecorating, and chores is what I do)
Random Stuff (Cause that is the basics of what Shiny Object Syndrome is)

So, that is what sums it up and that is how it is!