Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Start of a Problem

Me: I wanna buy Bioshock 2 today.

Ricky: Why? You haven’t even played the first one.

Me: But, I liked watching you play the first one.

Ricky: You should finish the games you have bought in the passed three months.

Me: No. I’m stuck on Batman, can’t kill them.

Ricky: Okay, Infamous?

Me: Well, I played that the other night.

Ricky: And, Sacred 2.

Me: The update won’t load on my PS3. You know that.

Ricky: Uncharted 2?

Me: Still know where stuff is from watching you play. BOR-ING…

Ricky: How about Borderlands?

Me: I played it all the way through…the only reason I need to play it again is cause all the trophies are on your name. Hey! I know, you give me MY Dragons Age and Assassins Creed 2 back and I won’t buy Bioshock 2.

Ricky: No. You don’t wanna play those.

Me: Yes I do. And I bought them.

Ricky: You want to play Bioshock 1 or Assassins Creed 1 or Dead Space or maybe Call of Duty campaigns.

Me: Fine. Target didn’t have it anyhow.

Okay…so I didn’t really play video games until I met Ricky. I had lots of fun watching my friends play and that was just fine for me. But, no. My new boyfriend likes video games. LOVES Video games. So I watched him play. Then I watched him and his friend, Jamie play World at War Nazi Zombies. I started getting addicted and soon I was better than Jamie, which I of course reveled in. Beating a boy at video games is always lots of fun. Then, of course, MW2 came out. I bought my own PS3 and it has turned into a problem. I buy games. Lots of games. All the time and never finish any. Its like ADHD at its best. Course, I buy it and play the first chapter then Ricky steals it.

My list of games to complete…that I have started playing:

Assassins Creed 2
Sacred 2
Dead Space
Call of Duty: MW2 (campaign and spec ops)
Uncharted 2
Dragon Age: Origins
Batman: Arkham Asylum

List of games I should probably play…

Assassins Creed
Call of Duty: World at War

SOS!!! I haven’t played any of the first of anything. Perfect…I got to call Ricky back and let him know my newest angle. I must buy Bioshock 2 and play it before I play others. Course…that doesn’t really explain all my half finished games. Er…Shhh.

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