Monday, July 11, 2011

Game Review: Alice:Madness Returns

So, I will start doing game reviews as I have decided that every once and a while I am going to start playing the games from the local video store in alphabetical order. I will also be adding in the ones that we actually felt like buying here and there, but this has been happening less and less lately.

So... Here. We. Go.

Name of Game: Alice: Madness Returns
Date Released: June 14, 2011 (USA)
Trophies: Yes
Exclusive: No (also available on XBOX360 and Windows)

This game is by my favorite company EA. I will try anything that they put out just because they had me obsessed with Sims for so many years. The graphics are fantastic. I actually think it has a feel like Batman: Arkham Asylum. I also think that if you liked that game - you will probably like this one too. Her outfits that change throughout the game are also interesting... I might have a Halloween Costume in mind.

Likes: Shrink Mode, Different/Creative Weapons, Learning the stories along the way concerning Alice, Different worlds are fantastic, starting from nearest platform if you fall

Dislikes: Sometimes manuevering Alice and the camera shots can be annoying, starting over from the beginning if you die

Overall: **** - Four Stars. I enjoyed playing this game and although it has a rather dark spin on Alice in Wonderland, it is great! There are lots of things to explore, find, and do. The creatures are easy once you learn each trick to killing each of them. Loses a star due to the control of the character is sometimes annoying.

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