Thursday, October 7, 2010

Reinventing the SOS

So, I have been out of the blogging mood since I moved to Small Town Wisconsin with my boyfriend. I think it is about time that I start blogging and I have plenty to say. A LOT has happened to me in the past few months and I could start anywhere, but I will just outline a few things that you will find on my particular blog going forward. So, if that interests you - GREAT! If it doesn't - I am sure that with my random mind that I will come up with something to tickle your pickle.

How I describe myself and what you will see posted here is the following:

Baby Stuff (I am currently almost 19 weeks pregnant)
Video Game Stuff (My boyfriend and I love gaming)
Movie/Television Stuff (Since I am a SAHM now, I have a lot of time on my hands)
Animal Stuff (I have 2 cats and a dog that are truly entertaining)
Housewife Stuff (Cause cooking, redecorating, and chores is what I do)
Random Stuff (Cause that is the basics of what Shiny Object Syndrome is)

So, that is what sums it up and that is how it is!

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