Monday, October 11, 2010

Nesting: The Living Room Before

They always say that when you get pregnant that you go into a nesting mode to make the house ready for the baby. But, in the house that my boyfriend and I live in I have been restless about the way it looks since I moved in in May. The living room has been a sore thumb since I met him over a year ago. In the picture below are the lovely roses that cover the paneling all over the room. Awful. Ugly. It just looks plain dingy. It has to change.

So, I started looking into the options on how to cover the paneling. If we would have taken it completely down the walls would need sheet rock. My options turned into that thick paintable wallpaper and just painting. But! When I was looking for texture I found the sand stuff that you pour into paint to make a texture. Soooo, we picked out a color and so far the walls have been primed. The gaps between panels was spackled, and now it is time to get the rest of the paint up and trim done. Hopefully, only a few more days and the after pictures will be up!!!

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LaunchingProjectH said...

Can't wait to see it! I completely understand about wanting and needing things done. I'm on this organizing mission. I feel like I everything needs a place. Right now I'm flipping out, because all these boxes are in our little hobby room. Since we're in the process of assembling furniture in the nursery, we moved everything out. I need to make thank you cards from saturday's party and can't get to my desk! it's just odd. I've never been this way about it before.