Saturday, December 11, 2010

100% Chance of Snow

As you can see, Wisconsin is going to have a white Christmas. And all the snow seems to be coming on the weekend this year... which frustrates me. I have had to skip going to my parent's one weekend already because of ice and now I might miss more. There is a 100% chance of snow tonight. No shit... cause it is already snowing.


That is what the Weather Channel says at the top when I type in my zip code. Oh goody. Even the radar is fun colors. Right now it keeps switching between winter mix and snow... which is the worst. I am stuck inside and don't know what to do. I guess blogging won out right now.

Kind of wish I would have waited to put together all the gift baskets for Christmas for a day like this. But, they are all done. Actually, besides three people who I have to order for - our Christmas shopping is all done. Gotta love being organized. Which is a must have considering Ricky and I have a Christmas to attend the next three weekends...

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