Friday, January 7, 2011

Here comes the pictures of Taz...

Like I said, I am going to take pictures with my digital camera on a daily basis. This is supposed to be practice so that I learn to have it with me when I have a baby. Course, I will be so excited that I probably won't have a problem taking photos. Anyway... here starts the documentation of Taz's life. If only she knew she is my current muse.

Above... she likes to sleep on her back.
Below... she didn't like her picture taken in that attractive position.

Above... Taz likes cashews. And tomato soup.
Below... Today I was eating these and I shared. However, when I was done, she didn't feel like she was done. So she spent 15 minutes trying to get the canister open. Good luck, kitty.

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LaunchingProjectH said...

How's the picture taking coming along?