Sunday, June 12, 2011

Stash Shot

This is a picture I took a couple weeks ago for a stash shot thread on the cloth diapering message board. I haven't wrote an updated stash and what it has cost me for a while now... so this is our current funs.

5 Flip Covers (2 bought new, 3 bought used) = $51.00
18 Flip Inserts (8 bought new, 10 bought used) = $42.00
16 Cotton Infant Prefolds (all new) = $24.00
2 Hemp Babies Big Weeds (used) = $8.00
Med Planetwise Wet Bag (new, but on sale) = $9.00
2 Small Wet Bags (homemade) = $10.00
Mamamade AI2 = $25.00
Muttaqin NB Fitted = $14.00

Total = $185.00

I have a Piddle Poddle Cadillac on the way that was $15.00. This doesn't include the shipping on some items or all the supply costs for making my own things, I have fabric and other stuff still lying around. I also made cloth wipes that we use.

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