Monday, May 9, 2011

Belated Fit Friday Post!

Sorry for being late. With Ricky leaving his job things have been a little hectic around the house. It was a busy weekend with the yard sale we had and then running errands. Returning things we don't need to Walmart for a little extra money. Just preparing for the crunch that will come if he doesn't find a job pronto. I am looking as well.

Anyway, this stress has my mind completely elsewhere and I failed at the water task for myself. I really need a coach kicking me in the butt daily. I started off really well and was drinking at least 2 20oz bottles of water a day. I have also been trying to drink Ice Tee and Koolaid as a sorta water option. It is better than soda right?

4-15-11 180 pounds
4-29-11 175 pounds
5-6-11 171 pounds

I lost 4 more pounds. And I am beginning to wonder how long after giving birth is it safe to be losing this much weight so fast? Probably a question for the doctor on May 17th when my little girl will get shots... I will cry now.

36 Pounds to go.

Sometime today, or tomorrow, or the next day I will be doing my measurements to start keeping track of where the weight is falling off of. I should have done this right away, but you find time to take measurements when you have a crying newborn. It just doesn't happen. I also don't have a measuring tape... so I have to use a cord of somekind and then find a ruler. It is too much work. I should buy a measuring tape - or make one.

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