Wednesday, November 17, 2010

About My Pet: Tazmerie

I know she used to be adorable right? I brought her home from school in 7th grade. Okay... the true story. I took the kitten to the principals office so that I could call me mom and ask her if we could get another cat. While I was on the phone and while my mother was saying no - the mom of my classmate who brought the kittens in left. Therefore, I ended up having to call my mom back and tell her I had to bring it home. I really had no choice. That is how we managed to get this adorable bundle of joy.

When she was little she really did love water. The picture above is of her jumping into the hot tub when it was being filled. Really, she jumped in. I did not put her there. Taz is special. BTW, she grew out of the love of swimming in water.

Okay... so she ended up being overweight. I had another cat growing up, Patches. Patches needed special diet food and that wasn't right for Taz's metabolism. However, there was no way to feed the cats separetly - so she got fat. She was at most 16 pounds. And let me tell you, her legs are tiny. She is not meant to be 16 pounds. Poor kitty, but I think she carried it well. But, she had a habit of laying around the house like the photo above.

Don't let that position fool you. She does not want you to pet her belly. Touch her belly and she will bite your hand off. Trips to the vet are always an adventure. She hates it there. They need hawk gloves, towels, and at least two helpers to hold her. I love my Tazmerie.

After Patches passed away, Taz was put on a diet and she lost weight. In the first year she was down to ten pounds. Woo Taz. Now if only I could lose a third of my body weight in a year... yeah right. Don't cats have the life? Anyway... recently she has gone down to about six pounds. Way too skinny. She was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism. She needs a cream in her ear daily and gets to eat wet cat food like a special kitty. Lucky her. We are still working on getting her weight up - but she seems happier and younger than ever when she plays with her new friend Tagomei.

When I moved in with Ricky, Taz came with me. Since it has been about five or six years since Patches passed away, Taz didn't seem happy about living with another cat. But, they have grown to be nice to each other.

Taz doesn't always make me happy. Most recently she ran out the door when I was giving kids Halloween Candy. She spent the night somewhere. I don't know where. I wish cats could talk so that she could tell me where she went. It had gotten down to 28 degrees that night. Very cold and like I said she is still very skinny. She returned November 1st at about 3:30pm very dirty. She now meows all the time wanting to go back outside... FML. She is meowing annoyingly right now actually. If I didn't love her so much, I would be mad. But, she is the best furbaby ever and has a crazy personality to boot.

Ten Quick Facts About Taz...
1. She loves peanut butter, popcorn, and Doritos (nacho cheese is her fav).
2. She growls a lot. Sometimes she sounds like a motorcycle.
3. We call her Toothless sometimes - because of her abnormally large green eyes. And she reminds us of the dragon in How To Train Your Dragon.
4. She is declawed because she ripped up the back of a couch, otherwise I am generally against declawing cats.
5. She comes when you whistle.
6. Her favorite toy is the foil wrappers from candy - like mini Reese's cups.
7. She needs a sedative when taken to the vet and still needs to be held down by gloves, towels, and extra help.
8. She is 13 years old.
9. She gets really bad acne when sad. She had bad bouts when our dog Bud died and when Patches died. It appears on her chin - and dude... not even a teenager gets it this bad.
10. She loves me... but not necessarily the rest of the people in the world.

-Sorry about the bad pictures of pictures. I don't have a scanner and it was the easiest way to transfer them... don't know why my camera is being so blurry today.

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