Monday, November 8, 2010

I Have Pictures on my Phone?

What is on my phone? Well... for the first installment of this I figured I would just get out my phone and look at what I have. I have a lot of pictures of my dog Alexander and none of them are cute. They are all of him just sitting there. Because my mom always wanted updates on what he looked like. I figured I wouldn't put any of these on here... unless he were doing something cute. The cats are far more interesting.

I made this post after reading Untypically Jia's Blog and saw that her newest Blog Hop was this from Jessica, aka the Hussy..

ABOVE: This summer. My road. My house.
Road Construction is evil and makes life difficult.
I complained about this crap everyday.

ABOVE: The only picture of my Baby Bump so far.
I haven't been real good about taking photos.
This is probably around 18-20 weeks I think.
So cute... yea.

ABOVE: Me amused by the cats that decided to
take up residence above my head while I as
on the laptop. Taz on one side and Tagome
on the other.

ABOVE: SHOWDOWN! Haha. Taz is my cat
who is 13 and Tagomei is Ricky's cat who is
two. When I moved in... Taz came with. They
don't always get along. But, it is getting


Untypically Jia said...

Okay the cat pic is too adorable. That looks like something that needs to be on LOLCats.

And you definitely need more baby bump pics.

The WholeFamDamily said...

your baby bump is adorable! i looked like that at like..8 weeks. sheesh. cats on head, ..may or may not have made me pee a little, i'm afraid they'd scratch my face off. wtc with your construction?? crazy biznass!!

HunDuddle Hussy said...

holy mother of anger about the construction!!! how?! oh my gosh. i would have busted a nut gettin all angry and red faced.

thanks for joining us this week!! come back next tuesday too!!

Estell said...

Jeez...I would've complained too!
that looks horrible!

awww the baby bump and kittys are adorable! I'm excited to see more