Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Living Room is... done?

So you might remember that I had a living room in the house that was so hideous that I never wanted to even clean it... much less spend time in there. The Living Room Before didn't look like anything anyone wanted to live in. Well, I have finished making the walls acceptable enough to have company.

So on the upside.. it even looks good enough that Ricky wants to keep the living room open through the winter. Last winter we put foam board up and kept it closed. We watched television and just lived in the bedroom. Don't be dirty. It was to save on the heating bill.

So, there is a question mark on the end of that title... yea. It isn't finished. I still need to get things on the walls. I have some shelves to hang and some picture frames with no pictures. I just don't know what to put in them. Ricky and I aren't married so we don't have engagement or wedding photos. We don't have kids yet... what exactly do you put in picture frames in your living room before you have that???? Please help.

Also... I really need a slip cover for that ugly floral couch that you can sorta see in the one picture. I have one picked out. Now I just need to order it. Bah... more money spent.

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