Friday, November 12, 2010

Yeah, I went at Midnight, I'm a geek.

Sooooo... when Ricky got home from work Monday night he surprised me and told me we could go to Walmart (the only place open at midnight in this rinky dink town) and get Black Ops! I was beyond excited and got dressed even though it was an hour away from midnight. He had originally told me that I could wait and I didn't need it right away. What a tease. But, I love my boyfriend. I do. And he bought me Black Ops.

Monday night we stayed up til 4 am playing. It is amazing. I love the new maps and I love the new weapons and most of all I love the customization. I played almost all day Tuesday. Zombies is pretty fun too! What can I say... I am obsessed. So when I am not blogging or cleaning the house - which hasn't gotten dirty since we just play the video game right now - I am playing Black Ops. I love it. I heart it. I wish I had more friends who liked to play it.

Right now I am level 33 already. Woot woot! My favorite maps are The Villa, The Jungle, and Nuketown. Zombies... I wish I could see the other maps and I still love the dialogue when you get a head shot. So yea... that is what I have been up to lately. And as you can see in the picture above, next to my PS3 I have a lot of games that I have started and not finished. And right now they will remain unfinished.

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