Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Attempt at Making My Own

So, I really want to try fitteds. They are so adorable and it seems to be all the rage. However, we are strapped for cash since the Winter utility bill was ginormous. It just means that I can't stalk cute places like Goodmama Diapers and Twinkie Tush Diapers. They are all the rave right now and have great reviews. This all leads to me attempting to make my own.

I am a decent sewer. I can do clothes, but apparently I am not good with elastic and measuring my child. It is a little too small, but it was a good first attempt. Next time will be better. I promise.

Next time...

I will wash the fabric first.
I will buy a measuring tape.
I will use a real pattern, not just finaggle one.
I will take my time (I always ruin cute clothes by making it too fast).

Stay tuned for the next attempt.

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