Thursday, April 7, 2011

Being a Mom Begins!

I had my baby. And that is part of the reason I haven't been blogging. However, I will start again. Not to mention, I have a lot more to talk about when it comes to my opinions on how to raise our little daughter. So, from here on out I will probably talk about the following:

-Cloth Diapering
-DIY Crafts, Clothes, and other sewing
-Growing Up in Wisconsin
-Weight Loss Journey
-Video Games & Movies
-Anything else I feel like writing about...

Now to the interesting stuff!

Alina Joy
March 10th, 2011
9 lbs 1 oz
20 1/2 inches

Her birth story

March 9th
Noon: We arrived at the hospital intending on doing an induction. However, once the monitors were hooked up we found out that I was having contractions... I just couldn't feel them yet.

1:00pm: After an hour of monitoring, the doctor decided to go ahead with the Cytotec. Cytotec is a cervix ripening medication to make the cervix more favorable for the induction.
- 2 cm 50% effaced

5:00pm: Started second round of Cytotec, still having some contractions. I could feel them at this point, but they weren't too bad.
- 2 cm 50% effaced

10:00pm: No change and so we decide that I can try and sleep through the contractions that I am having and we can start the Pitocin in the morning.
- 2 cm 50% effaced

March 10th

2:40am: After trying to sleep, but waking every hour to pee... I was woken by a semi-painful contraction and then decided maybe I have to pee again. However, I couldn't hold it on the way to the bathroom and it was clear. Yep - my water broke. Nurses did a test to verify it and I called Ricky to come back to the hospital (he was at home)
- 3 cm 50% effaced

7:30am: After 5 hours of painful contractions, I decide that med-free is not for me. I ask for the epidural and they start the IV drip. Now, I just get to wait for the man with the drugs to come with his magical tray.
- 3 cm 50% effaced, contractions are 3 min apart and 90 seconds long

9:30am: So, it took 2 hours, 7 stabs to my back, and I finally got my epidural. That was heaven. I was so tired. And my mom arrived! Ricky went home to take care of Alexander (our dog) and try and take a nap. My epidural wasn't a super strong one! I could still move my legs and feel them just fine. There was a really slight numb feeling in my toes. So, it really just took care of the pain.
- 4 cm 50% effaced, don't know about the contractions, I couldn't feel them anymore.

1:00pm: Needed another dose of the epidural and they started the Pitocin because the epidural had slowed contractions.
- I think it was 5 cm at this point... I was really sleepy.

3:00pm: Another round of epidural, strong one. Doctor stopped in to check on me because he had a dentist appt at 3:30 to go to. Figured he had time. Which, ends up he did.

4:00pm: The round from 3 didn't work! I had such bad contractions by 4 that I was crying and they weren't really going away. They turned the pit off and I was given more meds through the epidural. The pain went away, but the pressure didn't. I was so uncomfortable...
- 8cm, fully dilated on left with 2 cm left on the right

5:00pm: The pressure only got worse and worse. They made me lay on my right side to try and get that right side to dilate. They turned the Pitocin back on.
- 8cm, same as before

6:00pm: I got the feeling that pushing would make me feel better. And the doctor said that I could push even though I was still only 8 cm. After a few pushes he was able to push the 2 cm on the right beside her head... somehow - I don't know how that worked, but I either dilated completely while starting to push or he moved it. It is kind of a blur right here.

7:26pm: After an hour and half of pushing, with Ricky as the perfect coach - our daughter Alina Joy was born! I screamed bloody murder when she finally came out. It hurt. It hurt a lot. Course, I left her head half out for three contractions trying to get the rest out. Every time they were telling me she would be born on the next contraction... I called them liars after every set of pushes when she didn't come.

I got skin-to-skin contact right away!
I was able to latch her with in 30 min of birth!
I got a few stitches, but not too bad.
My mom was there for the birth of her granddaughter!

It was an amazing day.

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