Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Such A Blonde

The long weekend was full of family and fun. I had another baby shower hosted by Ricky's family. It was lots of fun! And fabulous food. They always have the best food at everything, probably because so many of us like to try out new recipes. Alina and I got lots of good loot that I can't wait to try out... however, I will wait because they are bigger clothes and I already know Alina is growing too fast. As I type this she is sleeping on my chest and is so little and adorable... I will miss these days.

Then again, let's get back to the title. I was rocking her in the computer chair and since it wasn't comforting her, I decided to check her diaper. Sure enough, it was wet. She has had a wet diaper nearly every hour today. I swear it is all I am doing. Since she had just peed... or so I thought I decided to leave her on my lap and let her air out a bit. Bad idea. Two seconds of this and she peed all over me. My pants, my shirt, her sleeper... IT WAS A LOT OF PEE!

On the bright side, she is sleeping so cute right now. I picked up trying to crochet. I will post the pictures, when I finally finish something. I am making chains and undoing them over and over. I am too much of a perfectionist and I am beginning to think this was a bad idea... more to come.

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