Friday, April 8, 2011

My Start-Up Stash!

So we took the plunge and decided that we would cloth diaper. Mostly for the financial savings, but also because they save the environment and are so damn cute. They can be a little bulky at times, but generally it isn't so bad and I know they are going to look ADORABLE under all the summer dresses I have planned.

For my cheap start up... Trial Kit - $35.00
2 Small Bummis Whisper Wrap Covers
6 Chinese Small prefolds
1 Snappi

I tried this for a couple weeks to see if I really liked it. I had disposables that I had gotten as gifts to use up anyway. It went well so I bought...

10 Chinese small prefolds ($15.00)
2 Flip OS Diapers with 1 stay dry insert ($16.95 each)
3 stay dry inserts ($4.00 each)

Grand total of $95.00 and I can wash almost every other day. This was all ordered from and all free shipping and it is all new stuff. I know that buying used can be cheap as well which I probably will do. As we continue, I will build the stash slowly. Maybe a cover every couple weeks or some cute fitteds. For those looking for a cheap place to start... this is definitely it!

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