Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Woke Up To Snow

Really, it is mid-April. No, it is passed mid-April! And this morning we woke up to at least two inches of snow on the ground. What is this cruel joke that mother nature is playing? Wasn't it 10 days ago that we had a humid 80 degree day? That was brutal. I might go insane if I can't decide what to do with the electric heater. We put it away... now it is back out. God help our utility bill if this continues.

So instead of getting to go for a walk like we wanted to, Alina and I are struggling to clean up the house. Do you know how much of a disaster a house can become when you have a newborn baby? Well... I won't be sharing photos, but I will tell you it is bad. I stuck to the bare minimum of laundry (mostly because we need clothes to wear and we cloth diaper) and dishes (luckily we have a dishwasher). I think we would have bought paper plates if we didn't have the dishwasher.

Today is a cleaning day. So far I have managed to clean thirty minutes while laying Alina down to sleep. Thirty minutes is the max she will sleep without being on my chest or laying next to me. Another task for today is to make my homemade Mei Tai wrap. Then I can wear her! That will solve everything and I will have a clean house again.

Also... anyone like rummage sale time? I do. Can't wait to sell all the junk I haven't used in over a year. Why did I even move it? Sell, sell, sell. Or upcycle. There will be posts of upcycling old clothes into baby clothes again soon, once Alina lets me put her down long enough to sew.

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